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Thanks for taking the bullet, Pikachu.

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- Quick Marriage Ponderings:

Just checking what’s new in the Doll community brought up some interesting food for thought once again. The thought of married couples telling singles and couples not to get married. Just be together so you can have fun while ignoring the shallow minded folks who force you into marriage because you have to follow society’s standards like some kind of rule.

Reading such gives an interesting food for thought because we’re always expected to do everything society tells us to like some kind of law-abiding robot that happily wants to get abused by the system. We’re supposed to do exactly what society tells us which forces people down the wrong unhappy roads, making them abusive to one another, and just hateful. There are people who want to suicide (Do note all those fences on bridges and all the cases you hear in Japan and world-wide) because people are forced to behave in a pre-specified manner. If you don’t marry a person then you’re hounded for life, or vice-versa for the ones you love because “family” and “friends” apparently “knows better”. Your feelings are irrelevant. Be the Borg from Star Trek.

I will say that being alone is boring and highly horrifying. You’re open to all the ghosts, negativity, and the brutal downsides when mentally down. Being forced together is also equally as horrifying through arguments and abuse. That nice middle where you aren’t bound by some paper is where the fun is at, or so it seems. 

I’m most likely wording this too generally and to innocently in what a teen would say probably, maybe even giving people a certain ‘innocent’ perspective. It just seems like a proper food for thought of how society keeps pressuring you into unhealthy situations. That case of ignoring what others pressure you into while doing what you truly love doing and to hang out with those you prefer (if not doing harm).  

Minecraft Realms Problems:

- The World (Those that have it): Awesome! We have Minecraft Realms! I love supporting Mojang because Minecraft is awesome! (Insert how it benefits family and kids)

- USA: $13 a month is expensive for a server option like this! I don’t want to play it! I don’t want to use it! There are better, and cheaper options elsewhere! I don’t care if we now have it! It’s expensive *throws a fit*

- The World & Me: “The hell you going on about? If you don’t like it then don’t use it. Use your ‘cheaper servers’ as well. We’re fine with it. You Americans are never happy.”“

(Not supposed to be funny nor insulting. Just making note of what I’m seeing while checking Minecraft News.)

- Quick Minecraft Ponderings:

If I was an American I’d be overjoyed to see Minecraft Realms being announced in USA. I had my joyful fun discovering that on April 1st and 2nd when announced for Canada so that’s all good. Noticed Slovakia listed on there for me still stuck in Slovakia in that alternate universe (think Steins;Gate with all those different outcomes and scenarios in those very deep universal time-line worlds). I’m happy Canada got it first and that I could build up loads so far. My Canadian pride is showing here :P.

As for the snapshot:

  • I’m glad the chunk errors got fixed, or so the comments mention on reddit. Everything apparently loads faster. I’m pleased and that should work wonders.
  • Neat that you can now customize the world boarder. It’s apparently prettier. 
  • You can now customize world generation. It’s neat, but I already have a world. Wouldn’t mind giving it a test run to see how that goes.
  • Endermite has a new neater model. Looks more unique and smaller. Time to get caught off-guard easily.
  • Highly disliking the Minecart changed being reverted. No more quick speed and similar. I was looking forward to that the most when I could get enough resources for a railway network.

That’s all nice and dandy, I’m however highly worried what this 1.8 update will do to my 1.7 world. Not that many map viewers and all to find all the lovely biomes and such. Either chunk walls again or the 1.8 working with 1.7 generation hmm.

Calling from Small Gymnasium No. 2. I have one student under arrest.

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- Minecraft Realms - Arcticu Kitsu Valley:

Had fun touring my friend around the map and to help him settle. Was a more chilled out session with the last hour or two being a rush to get the road up. Minecraft never allows me to finish my session on time for Anime viewing. Gave me storms and terrain to mess with. Brought one side of the road from my desert outpost to my friend’s island settlement.

The village is named “Vanfer” with the rest being “Andy’s Islands”. I’m happy I have loads of sand and sandstone to bring to Arcticu City now. Shall make building those skyscrapers easier.

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