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Hey there ^_^


Hey there ^_^

- I’m just looking back at my July 19th images with Varakitsu appearing as if she has a rumor and stories to discuss. Might be just me thinking that hmm. I’m amused. Love this image.
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- I’m just looking back at my July 19th images with Varakitsu appearing as if she has a rumor and stories to discuss. Might be just me thinking that hmm. I’m amused. Love this image.

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Minecraft Realms - Arcticu Kitsu Valley:

Wow, what a grindy yet rewarding session. That sure got tiresome very quickly just trying to grab whatever resource was needed. Everything being worked on through improvision in both the survival and creative side. Arcticu City’s airport is now functional, just not complete. Mao-Chao Town’s airport however is functional AND complete due to it being made in creative mode.

I also had to finish flooring in the “S” building to hold my survival gear and loot that I obtained at Mao-Chao. I left most of it in Arcticu City’s airport for me to grab later. 

I feel prouder with my Arcticu Airport’s design because it fits my style more. Finally have a nice airport to anything that is made in creative mode, or anything that is starting to exceed 5000 m in distance and may be at risk of booting through Realm’s idle kick. The jetways were also a pain in the rear to make, though I did make them in the end with passable quality.

I also hate accidentally typoing the coordinates that sent me to two unexplored areas. Had to get myself tp’d back to either airport for the actual coordinates. I can now help “Minion” on a whim without worrying about distance and time. 

- Minecraft 1.8 Banner Update:

So trivial and unexpected, yet highly awesome. I wasn’t expecting banners to be added into Minecraft, thinking it was for a mod or some YouTuber’s channel as some special gift. Quite nice that you can add nice banners into PVE & PVP settings. Now if there is a nice red and white themed one I shall be using it happily. 

If there are any cool simplified national ones then I can happily make monuments and buildings for them just for the fun of it. Something so simple that now spawned ideas for loads of creations. Has neat uses for those that are deep into Minecraft. Now I’m hoping you can at the very least customize them in a similar fashion to player skins, though that might be highly unlikely.

- Example of Usage:

  • Pirate banner: Placed next to Guardian monuments
  • Creeper banner: Placed along unguarded roads as creeper crossing warnings. Also can be used on my planned Creeper Inc building that’s been waiting to be built for years now.
  • Blue symbol with black: Used to signify strong-holds, or as villager’s tribal flags. 
  • Trading Post flags: I have a trading post set up just outside Gouka. Having these banners there should prove eye-catching to show interested people.
  • United Arcticu Building: A take on the UN building I once had. Could hold all the flags of people’s settlements in this one building while seeing their displays, if they choose to do such.
  • Arcticu City Main road bannering: I can line the main garden row of Arcticu CIty with these as I was planning to add flags. These lining the road should make it more catchy, or so I believe.

I’m now curious if I can have a Canadian, Japanese, Shinki Renge, and anime influenced banners, and if they can be customized or not. Proper anime ones at that….Guess we’ll see when it releases in a snapshot and/or more information spills.

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- Bonus: 

I’m keeping my eye on the Minecraft bug trackers to find out that skilled people found a way to fix, or mend the boat de-sync issue. If they can do it then I’m sure Mojang can fix it in a day or two on their side. My inbox keeps being updated almost on a daily basis with people giving each other unofficial fixes on how to mend boat desyncs on their servers. Mojang, fix it already for the 1.8 Guardian hunting season!